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‘Pegasus drinkin’ a beer and fartin’ ’ gets a much-better reaction than Wind Surge

Artist Wade Hampton was working at his drawing board Wednesday night and checking Facebook, too, when he saw someone post about the newly named Wichita Wind Surge baseball team.

“I’m not saying this to be a jerk,” Hampton says. “I thought it was a joke.”

He says he has a problem with the “awful name” more than the not “necessarily that bad” logo of a winged horse flying through a W.

Hampton says he spent about 30 seconds drawing a “Pegasus drinkin’ a beer and fartin’.”

The creature, who has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, looks somewhere between angry and bored.

Hampton says he thought a few people might get a laugh from it. Instead, it’s so far been shared about 700 times on Facebook.

“The best anti-mascot ever,” one person wrote. “I would buy season tickets for this team.”

Others wrote, “Wade saves the terrible design day! #wichitabaseball #oof,” and “Wade Hampton for the WIN(d)!!!”

Hampton has had experience with some of his WuShock drawings getting a lot of attention, but he says he truly didn’t expect it with his smoking, farting winged horse.

“I had no idea it was going to get shared.”

Hampton says he was disappointed with the team’s branding process starting a year ago when it was announced that an out-of-market designer would do the work.

“That was already kind of a sad thing.”

He says this designer is good, but Hampton says, “Wichita has such an amazing design community.”

Hampton is a designer for Spectrum Promotional.

People are already requesting his design on T-shirts, but Hampton says that’s not going to happen.

“Nooo, God no,” he says. “That stuff’s copyrighted.”

Hampton says his drawing is just one man’s artistic reaction that happens to capture what many others are thinking.

“That was my way of saying, just like everybody else, this is ridiculous.”

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