Super Bowl by the numbers: $15 billion spent, and, whoa, how many wings will we eat?

Here are some fun facts and figures about Super Bowl LIII. The NFL championship game between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams kicks off at 6:30 p.m. Eastern at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

The venue

3: Number of times Atlanta has hosted the Super Bowl, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Previous visits were in 1994 and 2000.

$46 million: Estimated cost of hosting the Super Bowl for Atlanta, according to WalletHub.

$400 million: Estimated economic gain for Atlanta from the game, WalletHub reported.

10,000: Number of volunteers sought for Super Bowl festivities, according to Mercedes Benz Stadium.

1 million: Number of people expected to attend Super Bowl events, USA Today reported.

200,000: Predicted number of Uber or Lyft pickups at the Atlanta airport in the 10 days before the game, National Geographic reported.

$3.3 million: Expected income from AirBnB rentals in Atlanta during Super Bowl festivities, according to National Geographic.

The tickets

$2,900: Lowest-priced Super Bowl tickets, CBS News reported.

$4,380: Average price of Super Bowl tickets, according to CBS News.

$23,203.50: Highest-priced Super Bowl tickets on the 50-yard line in the SunTrust Club, CBS News reports.

The show

100 million-plus: Expected number of TV viewers of the Super Bowl, CNBC reported.

75,000: Max seating capacity of Mercedes Benz Stadium, CBS Sports reported.

5,800-plus: Number of journalists expected to cover the big game in person, WalletHub reported.

$325 million: Amount expected to be wagered on the Super Bowl, BusinessWorld reported.

15 percent: Percentage of people who say they’d skip the birth of their first child to watch the game, WalletHub reported.

The commercials

$5.25 million: The cost of a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl, according to CNBC. That’s about $175,000 per second, and it’s a record high price, according to the station.

$37,500: That was the price of commercials during Super Bowl 1 in 1967, according to USA Today Sports.

10 percent: Percentage of viewers who can remember the average Super Bowl ad and name the brand advertised, WalletHub reported.

The parties

6,000: Average calories eaten per person on Super Bowl Sunday, according to a 2015 Cornell University study, KVIA reported.

24 percent: That’s how many Americans say they plan to attend a party for the big game, according to WalletHub.

$14.8 billion: Amount of money Americans are expected to spend on Super Bowl parties, CNBC reported. People ages 35 to 44 are expected to spend the most on game day parties, averaging $123.26.

44 million: Number of people planning to host a party for the game, according to CNBC. About 60 million plan to attend a party, and 13 million will watch from a bar, according to the station.

The food

1.38 billion: Chicken wings devoured during Super Bowl weekend, according to the National Chicken Council. That’s enough to put 640 wings on every single seat of all 31 NFL stadiums — and that many wings weigh 6,000 times more than the rosters of both the Patriots and the Rams, according to the Council.

12.5 million: Pizzas expected to be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, according to the American Pizza community.

11,000: That’s how many people Pizza Hut was expecting to hire before the Super Bowl — where demand for pizzas could peak, according to USA Today.

$1.3 billion: Beer sales during Super Bowl 2017, according to Nielsen Retail Measurement services.

94 percent: Of beer consumed on game day is usually American made, according to NASDAQ.

$58 million: How much Americans will spend on avocados for the game, according to The Packer.

88 million: Pounds of cheese Americans were expected to buy for the game, according to Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, FOX6 reported.

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