Man enjoys a smoke, ignores mayhem as bar robbed at gunpoint, Missouri video shows

A man in St. Louis was unfazed during an armed robbery at an area bar, reports say.
A man in St. Louis was unfazed during an armed robbery at an area bar, reports say. Screengrab: KSDK

When one of the oldest bars in St. Louis was robbed at gunpoint Wednesday morning, many patrons dropped to the floor. One bar-goer, however, seemed entirely unfazed.

An armed robber hit up Behrmann’s Tavern in Missouri for $300, KTVI reported. Police say a man entered the bar carrying a rifle before ordering patrons to the floor.

Surveillance cameras captured the robbery on video, but caught something else even more surprising.

In the video obtained by KSDK, the robber can be seen pressing the end of a gun into the ribs of a man sitting at the bar. The man sitting next to him? He calmly smokes a cigarette.

At another point in the video, the robber can be seen trying to wrestle a cellphone out of the smoker’s hands, but the smoker won’t have it, ultimately yanking the phone back without drawing much of a fight from the robber.

“He just was very adamant about it like, ‘I’m not playing your game,’” bartender Dustin Krueger said, according to KMOV.

The robber walked around the bar asking other patrons to empty their wallets before calling over Krueger to open the register, KSDK reported.

Police say the robber took belongings from six people, but no one was injured, KMOV reported.

A description of the suspect has not been released, KSDK reported.

“Get some help,” owner John Kimack said of the robber, according to the news outlet. “From what the witnesses were saying he was on something, so I’d say get some help, try to get a job and get your life together. This is no way to live your life.”

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